WWE 2K20 NEED THIS! Defeat The Streak in 2K19 Full Explained

CM Pulse to do the WWE 2K19 defeat her shriek what the hell is that new game or in the game absolutely now I hope they bring you back off anyway so we had Brandon does everything challenging Chris tanker then Christhank you ended up challenging tubby emo and cm post C and Porsha Lynch Toni and here we go the purpose of the challenge is to basically make everything just as hard as it was in WWE 2k14 with the feat the shriek but of course we’re doing it in the current 2k 19 and this is a great challenge because it gives us a good reason to play 2k19.

while we wait for WWE 2k 20 so this is what we do we got our options we change a couple of things first off gameplay legend simulation reversal limit off submission minigame button Smasher which you guys know I like to use it but at the same time it is by far the worst thing ever everything else we don’t really have to change up next we go to match and here we got the superstar hub off control help and match rating hub on reversal prawn off and everything else whatever you want then we go to game balancing this is where everything gets fine balancing 1 which is for the AI we put everything up.

so we’re barfing them up as much as we can the only thing that you’re gonna tone down is gonna be the entrance running mid-match running and the post-match running and then change wrestling because nobody wants to be seen all that boring stuff but everything else here is that 100 then balancing to everything at zero as you guys know balancing – it’s our superstar slider so putting everything to zero it’s gonna give us that extra disadvantage that we do not need but it’s necessary to make this challenge as hard as possible but a way we are not done just yet go to my WWE Superstars and this is the second to the last piece of the puzzle what we need to do go to attribute make everything maxed out so that he could be at 100 overall.

and I signed the Undertaker or the skill so if you want to jump off the top rope for whatever reason he’s gonna be able to do it then save everything and that’s about it so now I’m gonna go ahead and switch it over to me doing the challenge my first tried to it so whatever comes of it it’s what you guys are gonna get expect a lot of screaming here we go we’re gonna get into that one versus one normal match of course and there is one more thing that I forgot to mention I think I forgot to mention the fact that we gotta pick somebody under 90 overall but the joke is on everybody because Rey Mysterio it’s 89 so you guys already know who I’m taking it’s Rey Mysterio 89 hold on yes Izzy’s 86.

oh my god, I thought it was even better than what it is Wow okay 2k can we fix that this year well we can’t pick a macho man of course cuz he’s a 90, and then regular macho man would just be an 89 but you guys we’re not gonna get too obvious here what is Alistar black we’re gonna do a dream match over here that we might never get to see happen there you go 84 Alistar black we’re gonna go ahead and pick the Undertaker right there as you guys can see 100 overall let’s show some respect war see him pause real quick since he was the one that challenged meI to feel like we need to take it to Japan ladies and gentlemen here we go.

we are in the Japan whole WWE has taken they stepped in to giving us a show in a small venue Vince thank you for not being greedy and trying to sell our whole stadium and then faking the attendance record anyways here we goAlistar black versus the Undertaker WrestleMania quality match rate the back, okay please don’t make this a squash match please do not make this a squash match oh my god the Undertaker with our clothesline Alistar black already outside of the ring The Undertaker’s going top rope No are you kidding me what that seriously already I reverse that let’s this is gonna be the difficult man this is gonna be a difficult one I’m hoping that.

the Undertaker you know okay now just win by count-out can just choose this one real quick I’ll be freaking great man all right so I know that going in for the roll-up referee gets to the camp one-two listen guys slice if this ends in a minute you guys know I’m the best player ever I should win the million-dollar challenge well somebody already won it but you know Undertaker with the clothesline unless the black is not looking too good white already no way chokeslam by the undertaker are you kidding me.

I’m out here getting decimated bro to look at that how much is lost come on ref you gotta get it together this is I know he’s getting ready for the tombstone already I reversed let’s go yeah that’s right stole your finisher going for the pin for your rap move ref what are you doing undertake gets out of one are you kidding me, ref, Wow I’d ever even pick Japanese referee bro this guy’s he’s taking his sweet time over here man he’s not even really WrestleMania get it together man.

I know you wanted your time to shine but you know we can’t be here all night got to defeat The Undertaker do I got my signature already I got the finisher he reversed it Oh Undertaker with the reverse of the black mass no way not again, Oh God this is bad I have my comeback already you know it’s not going too well man you know it’s not going too well this is already is to start let’s go get back over here there’s a total omen everything he just we’ve arrested again let’s go I have never been reversing.

so well today is my day referee get the kill you referee get the cow bro are you kidding me I’m gonna lose my mind over here wow I am so just so lost right now guys with the referee this is crazyUndertaker going top rope what is he gonna do here now that’s the black shroud reversing he reverses it that was gonna be a nasty leg drop right there trying to pick up the Undertaker so I’m gonna pick up some momentum that islet’s see do we have no we don’t oh man I can’t I don’t want to grapple him right now cuz.

I know he just gonna reverse it you know cuz there are some limited reversals over here so D undertake are you kidding meow superplex to the outside of the Ring, Alice, the black is dead bro the crowd chanting this is awesome meanwhile just getting decimated over here Undertakerstill with the humiliation elbow to the shoulder right there come on getting me back and actually don’t even get me back into the ring cuz then you’re just gonna pine I cannot I can’t reverse anything right now this is bad guys this is real bad man referee.

at the five-count already nice to black with the reversal I’m not gonna I’m just gonna go back inside come on come on this is finisher time black mass on the Undertaker Alistairblack ice thing on is a thing right now what’s happening to go for the pinfall Noon the ticket with the reversal or nice reverse ballast to block their kicks to the gods here we go oh no trying to drop with the Undertaker but we know that’s gonna work out this is it’s over chokeslam by the Undertaker and look at him he just resting it upright.

now he knows that he could take his time cuz It’s the black is done give me up to take her no no no no no not today brother, not today man there’s so much drama in this match oh boy he’s getting ready for the tombstone no I missed the reversal it’s over for me can I get a rolling break please ref don’t count ref take your time bro break let’s go oh no I’m just thinking going top rope not again bro what is he gonna do here of course with the leg drop and he connects its probably gonna follow.

it outputs with a pin for now okay I guess notUndertaker with the stumps notice I’m sweating over here bro it’s it a hundred degree in my room right now I think it’s because of that I think it’s of that cuz I’m gonna lose this match resiliency I have no choice jeez oh my god think our knowledge the blog has recently is that cheating guys I hope it’s not Alistair black with the reversal look at that going in for the roll-up referee take it to stop taking your time ref oh my god jeez signature move from right there let’s apply getting ready for a black mask no one did sink reverse it okay I might just start doing some grapples over here I might just start doing that well is this it for geez that’s right it’s over guys please don’t go for a submission.

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